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Sample Baby Song Lyrics!

Send us just a little information and in just two weeks you will receive your custom CD or cassette. Send us a photo and we'll include it on the cover of your CD or cassette. Your song will arrive in a jewel case or plastic cassette holder along with a printed copy of the song lyrics that are suitable for framing. Additionally your song will will be copyrighted and you'll be the the copyright owner.

Here's your opportunity to tell your story, say it in a song, and make it a gift that will always be remembered! We work with several talented song writers and recording artists that are all ready to help tell your story.

baby song lyrics sample

This is a sample of one of our newborn baby songs. Words that are highlighted in blue will be replaced with your words. Your song can also be performed by your choice of a male or female performer.

On a warm summer day
An angel was born, what can I say
Sent from heaven down to earth
More precious than diamonds priceless worth
And her name is Kristen and it fits her good
I'd give her the whole world, if I could

And she's 6 pounds
Bright shiny eyes
I laugh when she smiles
Hold her when she cries

She can call me friend
I pray that the joy she brings, never ends

She's got itty bitty hands and tiny little feet
A chubby round face and a smile so sweet
Holding Kristen I feel so proud
I've gotta' sing about her, gotta' sing it out loud

And when she grows up she'll be pretty and smart
With that same sweet smile and love in her heart
She'll bring joy to others, she'll bring joy to the world
I love Kristen such a sweet baby girl.

BRIDGE (for baby boy)
And when he grows up he'll be handsome and smart
With that same sweet smile and love in his heart
His future is bright, Oh he brings such joy
I love _ (Name) _ such a sweet baby boy

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